Zanshin Kai Karate Middlesex and Surrey


Zanshin Kai is a freestyle karate. The influences are many and varied and include traditional karate systems, as well as White Crane Kung Fu, Aikido, Judo, Taekwon-Do and modern self-defence systems. Zanshin Kai Karate is, therefore, a system of hard and soft defensive and offensive techniques with a wide range of hand techniques, kicks, throws and joint-locks.

Zanshin Kai believe that a scientific, logical approach to organised tuition and regular grading tests based upon technical knowledge as well as practical ability, are essential to ensure a well balanced and progressive career in the Martial Arts.

At Zanshin Kai we believe that the basic qualities necessary to succeed in Karate are patience, character and determination, and that anyone, irrespective of build or size, can cultivate these attributes. Using a combination of these factors one begins to perceive the inner strength necessary to understand that Karate is not necessarily the strong manifestation of physical combat or competition, or the dominance of physical size, but an expression of one's character.

The Art of Karate is not easy as there is a great deal to learn. Anyone can practice Karate, anyone can learn to apply Karate techniques after a few weeks. Remember however, that it takes dedication, regular practice, and several years of continuous tuition to become expert. Even then, your Black Belt is just the beginning of your serious training, for Karate is not just a hobby, but a way of life.

The instructors at your Dojo are there to help you attain your maximum potential, but further supplementary training periods, fitted into your daily routine, both at work, and at home, are essential to ensure continual progress and grading achievement.